Ongoing projects

Join us in building church!

God has laid it on our hearts to support in the ongoing building of a worship auditorium for the branch of World Flaming Gospel Church in Apete, Ibadan, Nigeria. The governmental approval has been obtained and construction has started. The estimated cost will be about 300,000 SEK (approx. 30,000 dollar). About 45,000 SEK has been raised and has been used to start producing blocks and buying materials needed for the construction. We plead for your financial contribution towards the completion of this ongoing project. Kindly give whatever God lays in your heart as we are already gathering them in for the work. We trust God for His blessing and provision over your life in abundance, in Jesus’ name Amen.

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Write "Project" in the notification.

  • Money sent to Swedish account will be delivered fully for the project. 
  • From Sweden: Swish: 123 269 65 99, Bankgiro: 225-4803, World Flaming Gospel Church International
  • From abroad to Swedish account: BIC: SWEDSESS, 
    IBAN: SE668000838169030331491
  • To Nigerian account: World Flaming Gospel Church, Wema bank PLC., account no: 0222397951
  • Paypal: 


For more information, contact Bishop Joseph Adegunle, Uppsala, Sweden +46 707 16 36 49