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Children of God, here comes a very important topic of our life time. It is a message that concerns every true candidate of heaven - “LESS THAN 1 %”.


I know a very special country of about 150 million in population, the total population of her army is not up to one percent of the total population of the country. Now let me ask you dear reader, what is the population of your church members and that of its prayer warriors/intercessors? Is the population of the latter up to one percentage of the total population of your church?



Let’s check what happened in the book of Judges Chapter 7, taking the life of Gideon as a case study. God wanted to use Gideon for the deliverance of Isrealites from the hand of the midianites, their enemies. In preparation for the battle, he gathered 32,000 experienced soldiers together, but God said “They are too many!” Why? God did not want the glory of the victory to go to the people. So Gideon had to reduce the number drastically. 22,000 men who were timid and frigthened were sent back home, therefore out of 32,000 men it remained only 10,000! But the Lord said “They are still too many”. God is not in need of large quantity, but few and quality ones. Consequently, Gideon could do nothing of his own than to dance to the tune of the Lord. Each time we want to teach God what to do, He stops us because His ways are different from ours.


God now gave Gideon special instruction on how best to choose men who will go and fight the midianites. So Gideon assembled them at the water. There the Lord told him. “Divide them into two groups decided by the way they drink. Group one will be all the men who cupped water in their hands to their mouths lapping it like dogs. Group two will be those who kneel with their mouths in the stream”.


Gideon did not argue with God, nor questioned His authority over the few men going for the war. He admitted God´s verdict. Only 300 of the men drank from their hands; all the other drank with their mouths to the stream. God now said “I will conquer the midianites with these few men”. Ah! Are they not too few in numbers?


Which group?

Fellow brethren, which party do you wish to belong, is it the 1st group or 2nd? Certainly you will prefer the 1st group who lap water like dogs because they are the ones who passed the test. Hum! But there`s nothing good with no price to be paid. In order to be among the ones God wants to use in your church or ministry you`ve got to pay some price. You have to be obedient, submissive, and bold and be vigilant like those 300 men and above all take the things of the world lightly and focus on heavenly things. Do not be among the 22,000 who were fearful.


I wonder if the saints who will go with Jesus at the rapture will be up to 1 % of the 6 billion world population or not. But i know that we are going to be few in number. If you want to be among us, come quickly and register your name in the Book of Life by accepting Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour TODAY, and start walking fervently with Him in your daily life activities to the very end of your life time on this earth without compromising with this very world and it’s lusts.


Let us quickly do this simple mathematics before this exhortation is brought to close.


32,000 – total men invited for war

22,000 – disqualified for fear

10,000 – brave soldier, who were tested.

9,700 – qualified but failed the test.

300 – qualified and passed the test.


(I)  Percentage (Disqualified)

                      = 22,000 x 100%


                      = 68.8%


(II) Percentage (Qualified but failed)

                       = 9,700 x 100%


                       = 30.3%


(III) Percentage (Qualified and passed)

                        = 300 x 100%


                        = 0.9%


The above results show that the  percentage of the qualified men who also passed the test is too low “less than 1% of the total men invited for the war! This is too bad so it is of the truth that “many are called but few are chosen”. Only eight people make it during Noah’s days and just three in Lot’s time!

Are we truly in Christ? 

This strictly also confirmed the wordens spoken by God to His sent man of this ministry called “World Flaming Gospel Crusaders”, apostle Elijah Adegunle as he audibly heared the voice of God ordering him to resign his secular working appointment, taking up his cross and following God in spreading the Gospel for “scarcely could God found 2 % of the whole world population in Christ where He would love to find them”! This is the pillar and foundation of this ministry. My question to us, my beloved reader, is that “Are we truly in Christ?”


Another fact is that God does not make use of people who are afraid of taking risk and have fear for enemies. My friend, let’s be among the few ones who prays for the church/body of Christ and His ministers, the few ones who preach the gospel truth to the sinners, who encourages others, the few ones who gives to the poor and support nothing but the whole truth. We may not be popular and large in number but God recognizes the less than one percent. Since the 300 men won the war, we are definitly going to win no matter how few in number we are. Just be on God´s side by really being in Christ  and not only claiming being a church registered members.



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